Director's Message

I am glad that you have chosen to take a look at India Overseas School. IOS is a school that has emerged as a school of great accomplishments. A beautiful physical plant, inspiring educators, a diverse array of learning experiences, a creative and talented leadership team, a committed support staff, a dedicated and strategic administration, and a dynamic group of students, all make for a powerful combination. The rich variety of Indian cultures and a healthy dose of optimism and entrepreneurial energy help complete the list of major attributes that we enjoy at IOS. We at IOS, believe in maintaining a sharp focus on pursuit of knowledge and skill. Each year, our students perform exceptionally well on standardized tests and win many prestigious awards. While academics are the core of our program, music, art and sports flourish here as well.

Our dedicated teachers share a kind, enthusiastic spirit as they tend to the business of educating and caring for their students. Their belief in the promise of these students has created an atmosphere filled with optimism and high expectations.

The values which are ingrained in students help to promote confidence, direction and critical thinking skills leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. In other words, IOS offers a comprehensive and holistic development.

As in the past, the success of IOS in serving the community depends primarily on your support and participation. Happiness and gratitude always go together!

If you want your child to be at an ideal place to live and learn, it will be our pleasure to welcome you at IOS.

By employing methodologies beyond the classroom, by focusing on learning beyond academics, and by teaching beyond the textbook, IOS aims to nurture leaders beyond citizens. To achieve all of which, IOS is creating a learning ecosystem beyond the school.

“Education is not the answer to the questions. Education is the means to answer all questions.” – William Allin

Mrs. Madhu Gupta

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