Making a Home a Good Place for Learning – An Article For Parents

A kid’s education is not only what they learn in School, rather it starts from home. Parents are their first teacher and a role model for children. A child’s learning, behavior and character is highly related to how they are treated at home. Here are a few ways how parents can make home a good place for learning:

1. Read Together: Kids would be easily inspired by what their parents do. For making a child to get a habit of reading, parents should also make that as their habit. It is important to see their parents reading. Try to visit local libraries with your child and do some learning activities together.

2. Praise and Encouragement: To make a child a successful learner it is very important to praise and encourage them for their work. Also reward them for their better performances. It will boost the child’s confidence and motivate them to keep learning.

3. Regular Monitoring: It is important for parents to regularly monitor the activities, behavior and performance of the child. If the child is lacking behind in any aspect, parents should give proper advice and help them to perform well.

4. Provide Pleasant Atmosphere: Parents should take care of the activities that they are doing in front of their kids. Any kind of unpleasant activity can have a bad effect on them. So, parents should make sure that kids are provided with a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere at home.

5. Reinforce Learning by Fun Activities: Plan for informal activities at home or outside which children can enjoy and learn together. Visit to museums, parks or theaters with them or watch quiz, discovery channel, national geography and other such shows on television.

6. Take out time for Kids: Don’t make such busy tight schedule for yourself that you can’t take out time for your kids. Rather it is suggested to keep a set of time fixed for your children and try not to plan anything else during that time.

7. Be a Good Friend and a Respnsible Parent: Let your child share everything. Listen to them and response with understanding. Let them be free to share the problems they are facing, listen to it like a friend and respond to it like a parent.

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