Stress is a common occurrence in student’s life. Lot of parents have questions relating to how to deal with the stress that their children are facing due to the competitive environment of education. Here are some ways for students to relieve study stress and boost learning potential:

1. Set a goal: This should be the very first step for you before you start anything else. Set your short term and long term goals. You can’t travel without deciding your destination point. So, you have to think that for what reason you are doing so much hard work. Your goal should be clear in your mind before you move ahead. Don’t set goals too high that failing to achieve it will disappoint you. Start with aiming small and slowly move forward. You can achieve a big success with small movements. Remember that you have started running suddenly. You started it with crawling and falling down thousands of time when you tried to stand on your legs. Just move ahead in life like that only.

2. Plan your day: Either you run the day or the day runs you. Prepare a complete time table, get stuck to it and never give up. Don’t lose hopes if you fail to follow your time table for few days in beginning. Start again from the very next day and try to make it as your habit as soon as possible. By planning your day you will save a lot of time and will never waste time in unnecessary activities. So, Let the things be under your control. Also try not to over-schedule your day so much that you can’t complete your scheduled tasks on time. And include important thing in your plan, like study, playing, exercise, hobbies, etc. It is not necessary that you give more time to single activity. 10-15 minutes of exercise is enough for a day. 15 minutes for your hobby and 30 minutes in playground can make your mind fresh and total of 2 hours is enough for homework and revision.

3. Keep your body fit and healthy: To remain healthy try to avoid junk food outside and plan your diet properly. Include green vegetables, fresh juice, fruits and dairy products in your diet. As said above try to take out 15 minutes for regular exercise daily.

4. Get enough sleep: Getting quality sleep plays an important role in physical and mental health. Lack of sleep causes many significant changes in the body and increases your risk for serious health concern. The healthy amount of sleep is about seven to eight hours per night.

5. Relax: It is not necessary to be always in the active mode for studies. Take out time to relax, listen some relaxing music or spend time with parents. Plan for some fun activities, visit to museums, parks or some historical places.

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