Choosing a career is not the easiest thing to do, as the choices are vast, but having a defined career path makes a clear vision. Once the vision is clear it is easier to identify the requirements to fulfill. For example, if a student has decided to become a doctor, he/she has to take the medical college admission test, earn medical degree, complete a residency program and obtain licensure. So, once the aim is decided, the career path gets visible. But deciding a career is not that easy. One may face the following hurdles while choosing a career:

1. Identifying your interest and skills: This is very common with students to be unsuccessful in identifying their interest. But truly saying, one cannot move ahead before identifying their interest and skills. And to do so, just ask yourself three simple questions. First, “Which book you can read 100 times without getting bored?” Second, “Which job will you do if you are not paid a single rupee for it for next 3 years?” Third, “Will you continue following your interest if there are no job opportunities in future through it?” Answering these three questions will help you find out your interest.

2. Lack of Awareness: Some people have passion but they don’t know how they can convert their passion into career. Determine the level of demand and area of scope for your skills and choose the field. Conduct a detailed research on what it would take to launch your career and make a plan of the steps you need to take to make your passion a realistic career opportunity.

3. Financial Problems: Some of the courses are highly chargeable and it’s not possible for everyone to pay the amount. In such cases you can approach banks for education loan. If that too is not possible, find out the substitute of the course which cost less. For example, if you have interest in Mechanical Stream and your financial condition doesn’t allow pursuing B.Tech, you can choose to do diploma course or ITI in Mechanical stream which will cost less. Later, during your job, your passion will make you to reach to that level.

There are lots of different methods you could use when it comes to choosing and planning a career effectively. Some of the best methods are:

1. Analyze your interest and passion: You need to spend some time analyzing your interest and passion. It is extremely important to be passionate about the path you are choosing.

2. Explore career options: You need to explore how to convert your passion to career and make living out of it.

3. Consider future goals and desired lifestyle: Picture yourself in a role that you want to be. For example, if you want to be a pilot, imagine yourself wearing pilot dress and flying an aircraft. Now make a picture of what lifestyle you want and what do you expect in your future. Note down the things you imagined and start planning to make it done in real.

4. Develop skills: You need to get the complete knowledge of your subject. Get completely involved in learning. Develop the required skills and always be updated with what’s new happening related to your field.

5. Take Experts Advice: You can take advice from the career counselors if you are very much confused in deciding your career. You can also approach your teachers and parents for help. If you are clear about your goals, you can take advice of experts of your field about how you can reach your goals, what type of problems can be faced and how you can avoid those problems. Always be in touch with experts.

Go ahead with your career with a positive attitude. Just spend more time with yourself to get to know about yourself and about your passion.

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