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The Pillar of Child's Success

We believe parents are the cornerstone of their children’s success. Your unwavering support, guidance, and involvement are crucial in shaping their academic journey.

We, together with the parents, strive to foster a collaborative partnership that nurtures every child’s potential and well-being.


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Parents Teachers Association

Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is a committee formed by Parents of existing students, experienced teachers and staff of India Overseas School. This association is formed to facilitate communication between parents, staff and principal.

It helps parents to know all about the functioning of the school, support, problems and so on. It works towards improving and enhancing the life of the students and the school as a whole making the school better and the best place to get quality education. It helps teachers to understand students from the parent’s perspective and vice versa. It is the teachers and the parents that sit together and discuss various issues regarding school and even a particular student.

The students reap the benefits by the involvement and support of all the adults involved in the PTA. The PTA supports the educational goals of the school, thus extending those goals to the students. The Parents help set up events such as a carnival, children day fair or health fair etc. Teachers and staff get involved by helping to plan events that encourage the education of the students. These may include workshops, tutoring or special set back classes. The overall aim of the PTA is to ensure the school offers the best learning experience for the students keeping in mind their needs.

We welcome attendance from as many parents and staff as possible and encourage everyone to get involved or even just lend a hand from their busy schedule.



Frequently Asked Questions

We provide regular updates through the child's almanac, where you can access grades, attendance irregularities, and teacher feedback. Additionally, we organize parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child's progress in detail.

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, and clubs, catering to diverse interests. Information about these activities, including schedules and registration processes, is available on our website and through communication channels.

The safety and security of our students are our top priorities. We have robust security measures in place, including trained security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and strict visitor policies. Our staff also undergo regular safety training sessions.

We have dedicated counselors and support staff who provide academic and emotional support to students. Parents can schedule appointments with our counselors to discuss any concerns or seek assistance for their child.

We encourage parent involvement through various avenues such as volunteering for school events, participating in the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), attending workshops and seminars, and joining parent support groups. You can reach out to our PTA coordinator for volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.

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