Academic Curriculum

The academics of Indian Overseas School is divided into the below major sections


Kindergarten (NUR to HKG)

In our Kindergarten, we foster early learning through play-based activities, nurturing a love for exploration and discovery.

Primary School (Class I to V)

In our Primary School, we foster a solid foundation through engaging curriculum and personalized learning approaches.

Middle School

Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

In our Middle School, we offer a diverse curriculum that cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and academic excellence.

Middle School

Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

In our Middle School, we offer a diverse curriculum that cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and academic excellence.

Secondary Education (Class IX to X)

In our Secondary School, we provide rigorous academic programs tailored to prepare students for higher education and beyond in life.

Senior Secondary (Class XI to XII)

In our Senior Secondary School, we offer specialized courses and personalized guidance to ensure students excel in their chosen paths.

Curriculum Details


Early Years Program (The Kindergarten) inculcates in children the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment. An individualized approach helps nurture a love of learning; develop social skills, and instill moral values. The emphasis is on developing in students; self-confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English as well as in their mother tongue. Teachers ensure this through effective use of language and by encouraging children to express themselves freely. A well-balanced curriculum and theme-based instructions help the young minds integrate their learning smoothly.

The emphasis is on exploring, knowing, understanding and forming their own ideas. The principles of learning applied in Kindergarten include Holistic Development and Learning (Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Self and Social Awareness), Integrated Learning, Active Learning, Supportive Learning, Interactive Learning and Learning through Play. The curriculum prepares children for a smooth transition to a more formal Primary curriculum.

The Kindergarten Programme makes use of a range of individual and group activities which create a lively and positive learning environment. Games, songs, creative projects, story-telling, role-playing, drawing and painting helps to develop the child’s foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. They are encouraged to play, explore, and discover through dance, music, art and craft. Singing, rhyming, and reciting are employed in the Language Arts, and the Phonics Programme.

Foundation Years Programme encourages inquiry andexploration, and develop the child’s competence in various skills – reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation, measurement and use of Information and Communication Technology (‘CT). It offers an exciting and creative learning environment, with an inter-disciplinary appreciation of Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, as individual and integrated subjects. Hindi is taught as a Second Language,The ICT helps students understand Information and Communication Technology and its benefits.

Equal emphasis is given to individual, small group and whole-group activities, to improve the child’s ability to work across all levels. Physical Education develops sports skills and creates health awareness. Exposure to team and individual sports encourages a sense of team spirit, individual effort and accomplishment. The wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered, helps instill in the child confidence and discipline. The focus on developing communication skills helps them appreciate the value of education, as it reflects in their ability to express themselves, in addition to developing pragmatic skills.

Field trips, excursions, activities, projects and presentations provide experiential learning opportunities. Dance, Fine Arts, Western and Indian Music, Yoga, Speech and Drama promotes well-rounded development. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house cultural and sports events. Active learning techniques like free play, dramatization, puppetry, singing, dancing and cooking enhance their interest in learning. Book, newspaper, and magazine reading activities increase the child’s awareness of the world.

Middle SchoolGrowing Years Programme is structured to meet child’s varied intellectual and developmental needs. The programme builds on concepts and skills learnt in the Primary School and ensures progression and continuity across various stages of learning in the school, and incorporates continuous evaluation and review of the child’s performance. The main aims of the Programme are developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge.

Art, Drama, Computer Science, Music, Yoga, and Dance are integrated into the mainstream curriculum and are further strengthened as optional co-curricular activities. Personal, Social, and Health Education helps students address their age-specific interests and concerns, builds awareness, and promotes compassionate and ethical conduct. Physical Education is offered in a more formal manner and sports skills are finetuned. This prepares students to pursue sports in a more structured and purposeful manner, including studying sports in the Secondary School as a formal subject.

Secondary education plays a fundamental role in mentoring students mind. At this level, we prepare our students to gaze at all subjects holistically and prepare them for selecting streams for their future career.

We provide best infrastructure with highly qualified and experienced teachers that makes difference in students’ learning outcome.

The teaching – learning process, classroom discussion and implementation in secondary classrooms have been the key that has bought in academic excellence to the student’s existence and has enlightened our organization with countless merits. We are proud to have every year group of toppers.

Students learn to work hard and enhance leadership skills, advance themselves in critical thinking, build up determination to achieve important goals in life and sustain good habits. Students discover a level of respect and dedication from school that results in success. Teachers in campus help students to focus upon the journey of set vision. They assign their resources and time efficiently to motivate the students regularly.

Student improves performance by ensuring to be accountable for their own success, propelling themselves forward through a selection of small achievements designed to break down a larger purpose in life. Teachers offer constant reminder of what that student wants to accomplish in their streams as career. High Secondary curriculum here even fuels ambition and develops confidence in students by encouraging determination through tough times and offer a sense of pride when they finally succeed in their ambition. Our students have upheld themselves as progressive citizens, across the globe.

Our Academics

Focuses on Holistic Development

Academic Curriculum

Focused Development Areas

The academic curriculum of India Overseas School is designed keeping in mind the 4 development areas for the students.

Social / Emotional Development

Learn to interact and communicate with others, take responsibility, respect others, take initiative & show empathy.

Physical Development

Achieve gross motor control, such as run, jump, hop, skip, throw, etc. and develop fine muscles for self help skills.

Cognitive Development

Learn problem solving skills to find solutions, think logically, organize concepts and learn various things logically.

Language Development

Learn the listening and speaking skills, reading and writing, become confident learners and find opportunities.

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